Flashes of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction:

Exploring and Creating

Quite Short and Very Short Stories

Additional Information

Ages for students: rising freshman through just graduated seniors.

Coming again Summer 2018

Watch for registration early 2018

In this encouraging, supportive, and in-depth creative writing class, we’ll read and write a variety of very short fiction spanning prose poetry-like microfiction to works of a thousand words, investigating both traditional and experimental forms. Students will emerge with a portfolio of work and ideas of where to go next, if they so choose.

    A typical class will include:

  • Reading of sample work
  • Analysis of sample excercises/prompts
  • Turning-in and sharing writing
  • Revision and self-analysis
  • Journals in which to publish
  • Relevent aspects of a writer's life
  • Theory of Flash Fiction
  • Extra books and articles to read

I will also provide feedback to the piece you write and guidelines for giving feedback to each other.

The class will be capped at 16 students - enough that we will have a wealth of ideas and perspectives - but small enough to ensure personalized attention from the instructor every day.

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Coming again Summer 2018

Watch for registration early 2018