Celebrate the

Power of Language.

Poetry Camp.

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Ages for students: rising freshman through just graduated seniors.

Coming Summer 2018

Watch for registration early 2018

Poetry celebrates the power of language, its potential on the page and in the ear. Some of our earliest exposure to language is through rhythm and rhyme – many even learn the alphabet through song.

Open to writers with all ranges of experience with poetry, this course is intended to immerse participants in the joys of language in a small, supportive community of growing or aspiring poets.

By reading a range of poems and exploring many writing exercises intended to use the power of language to explore both memory and imagination, writers will conclude the course with knowledge about the art and craft of poetry, exposure to many classic and contemporary master poets, and many new poems of their own, all without grades.

The class will be capped at 16 students - enough that we will have a wealth of ideas and perspectives - but small enough to ensure personalized attention from the instructor every day.

Coming Summer 2018

Watch for registration early 2018