Yoga Camp.

Additional Information

Ages for students: rising freshman through just graduated seniors.

Coming Summer 2018

Watch for registration early 2018

Yoga gives us an opportunity to shift our minds and our moods simply by repositioning the body and changing the ways we breathe. Learning these skills early on and coupling them with other self-awareness activities like journaling and positive psychology allows a person a greater sense of calm.

This course is open to people of all experience levels with yoga. We will learn the basics of physical alignment in asana to ensure a safe practice. Together, we will cultivate awareness of how different physical practices can make us feel more energetic or more relaxed.

We will also go over the psychological effects of yoga and one’s well-being, as well as other mindfulness activities like journaling and meditation.

The class will be capped at 16 students - small enough to ensure personalized attention from the instructor every day.